Upon installation, Leaflet analyzes your store’s customer purchase and behavior data. Based on this data, Leaflet presents price recommendations and personalized discounts customized to your store's products and customers. You are in control at all times of these recommendations, based on the settings you easily enter at setup.

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Leaflet recommends list prices that are calculated to maximize your profits.

For list price recommendations, Leaflet calculates the price elasticity of each product. Price elasticity is a measurement of how the quantity of demand for a product will be affected by changes in its price. It's a way to figure out how consumers respond to a change in price. If I lower the price by $1, how many more will I sell? What happens if I lower it by $2? Or raise by $3?

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Leaflet provides real-time personalized discounts to increase revenue

For personalized discounts, Leaflet is analyzing data on each individual customer and all of your customers. Leaflet identifies and recommends the price at which that specific customer is most likely to convert, increase their order size and maximizes your store's profit.


Leaflet’s algorithms make your store better and better every day

With every passing day and new customer interaction on your e-commerce store, our algorithms get smarter and work faster for you to make the best price recommendations to increase sales and maximize your profits.