Is Leaflet 100% automated?

Leaflet is designed to add pricing efficiency to any Shopify store while saving the operator time and bandwidth. Leaflet is as close as possible to completely automated, without sacrificing control. We created several guard rails you can set to provide boundaries for Leaflet’s price recommendations, and you have the option of reviewing each recommendation manually before it takes effect.

How do I install Leaflet?

Click here to install the Leaflet app to your Shopify store for free.

Can I use Leaflet on any e-commerce platform?

Leaflet is currently only available for Shopify stores.

How much does Leaflet cost?

See our pricing page.

What controls will I have over my pricing?

There are several guard rails you can set as boundaries for Leaflet. These include:

  • Specifying the allowable range of price experiments

  • Specifying what percent of your traffic should see Leaflet pricing.

  • Specifying the frequency of price changes, and

  • Deciding whether to manually review each recommendation before it goes into effect.

What kind of results can I expect from Leaflet?

Leaflet’s value can be measured by multiple business KPIs and can be optimized around different business goals such as top-line growth and bottom-line growth. For some stores, Leaflet has increased top-line revenue by 20%.

Leaflet’s results will vary from business to business, based on three factors: 

  1. Use case - Leaflet recommends the optimal price to charge for any given product and customer, within the ranges you set. It can’t tell you the best way to present that information to your customers.

  2. Baseline - The more efficient your pricing is before using Leaflet, the less potential there is for Leaflet to increase your profit margin on a percentage basis.

  3. Data - Leaflet uses the data your store collects to recommend efficient pricing for your customers. So the longer you've been operating and the more customers you have the better Leaflet's performance. For more on this topic, click here.

How does Leaflet decide how much to charge?

Leaflet runs proprietary machine learning algorithms that determine how much to charge in any given scenario. You can read more about our proprietary algorithm here.

Will Leaflet only offer prices that are below my list price

One of the guard rails you set in the setup process is the range of allowable prices. This is completely up to you.

Is personalized pricing legal?

As with all legal questions, the short answer is: it depends, in part, on what jurisdiction you’re in. If you are concerned about this issue, we recommend you consult a qualified attorney before using Leaflet. For a brief summary of some relevant legal considerations in the United States, click here and read this Personalised Pricing in the Digital Era – Note by the United States issued by the FTC. Leaflet recommends that you are transparent about personalized pricing with a notice on your website.