Personalized pricing improves the firm’s expected profits by...86% relative to status quo pricing
— University of Chicago Economist

The fact is that personalized discounts increase sales and increase profits IF they are truly customized to each product and each buyer’s behaviors & habits in real-time when the shopper is most interested, not after the fact. To read the full study from the University of Chicago click here.

Leaflet automatically presents discounts based upon buyer behavior

Leaflet’s patent-pending algorithms decide whether to offer personalized discounts to each customer for each product they view, in real-time, all based on their shopping behavior and purchase history. You don't need a lot of data to get started.

Leaflet uses AI to personalize discounts in real-time

Leaflet uses AI to conduct price testing, replacing the work of a team of statisticians and experts on consumer behavior. Leaflet runs pricing experiments to see if specific discounts on specific products encouraged each individual customer, to buy, to return, measure how much they spent now and later, and what price was most effective for maximizing their loyalty and repeat purchase. In other words, we learn about who the buyer is, their willingness to purchase and their pricing sensitivity using your data and AI.

This behind-the-scenes real-time data analysis and recommendations are why Leaflet doesn't offer a discounted price at random. Rather we present precisely discounted pricing to encourage a sale and also to maximize your profits while increasing customer loyalty.


Start Increasing Your Revenues

Competing dynamic pricing apps are hard to manage. Leaflet uses AI to precisely automate real-time personalized DISCOUNTING.


Other apps require you to create customer segments along the lines of dollars spent, frequency of purchases or any number of other general factors; basically, you do all of the guesswork and use customer segments to offer discounts.

EXAMPLE - You create Offer A for someone who shops with you frequently, Offer B for someone you're trying to win back and Offer C to anyone who purchased this product.

This approach leaves a lot to chance. Without applying science to your store’s data, Leaflet’s competitors can’t answer the question “what is the best price to offer that increases sales and maximizes profit for each buyer and each product, at that precise moment? “

You can spend all day doing sales analysis, segmenting customer groups and guessing at sale prices. Or you can let Leaflet’s patent-pending AI do the work for you so you can increase sales and maximize profit.

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