Leaflet is a technology company that exists in order to help level the playing field for small to medium size businesses by providing them with the type of pricing power previously enjoyed only by large companies.

We've designed Leaflet to keep your data safe and private - security is part of Leaflet from the ground up. We utilize a number of best in class security and privacy measures and members of our founding team have spent years building security and AI software solutions for military use. We're serious about the safety and reliability of our software.

We're available for you 24/7 - the easiest way to reach us is through the green chat widget in the lower right hand corner of the page. If Leaflet isn't working correctly, or you don't understand something, or you simply want to ask a question about best practices, we're here for you. For email and phone, see our contact page.

When you decide to grow your business with Leaflet, you can rest assured that you're on solid ground.

The Leaflet Team



Cofounder & CEO

Previously founded AttorneyFee.com (acquired by LegalZoom) to provide transparency around the price of consumer legal services.  Juris doctor and bachelor of economics.


Cofounder & CTO

Veteran of IDF's elite intelligence unit (8200) as security information engineer & system architect, with 8+ years of delivering high-quality products across the software stack.


Director of Design

Marcie earned a masters degree in Design Thinking from the Institute of Design, and is passionate about putting the needs of users at the center of the innovation process.


Director of Data Science

Machine learning at Kernal, PhD in computational neuroscience, MS/EE in signal processing, and BS in mathematics.